A1 Self Service

A1 Self Service

Project description

TasksUX Design
Conversion Optimization

Goal of this application is to digitalize appointments, postponements and appointment management, so the user can arrange his or her installation-appointments fully independently.

In Detail

To reduce call-loads in the callcenter it is an aim to give the user the possibility to manage appointments independently and fully digitally without having to call an agent.

  • Let the user make an appointment or cancel his or her order

  • Force digital appointment management by preselecting
  • Still give the opportunity of a call
  • Show predefined time-slots to be selected
  • Show clear summary of appointment
  • Provide download link
  • Show completed tasks
  • Give possibility to cancel appointment (if it is not too late; see next screen)

  • Prevent appointments in the near future of being changed by deactivating buttons