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ING Austria

Project description

ClientING Austria
TasksUX Design
Conversion Optimization
Pagespeed Optimization

The online-onboarding process for new customers to consumer loans or current accounts is an essential application for the online-bank ING. Over time analytics showed that the conversion rate decreased and the bounce rate increased while the process itself has not changed at all.

Recognising that the user needs change over time, it was clear that there is potential for improvements.

In Detail

To reach the goal of increasing the conversion rate significantly the following (and even more) improvements were made:


  • Address new and existing customers
  • Provide information of needed documents in advance
  • Provide information of time needed for selected process

Positive Feedback

  • By providing feedback about the users success he or she is encouraged to continue

Document Upload

  • Apply icons and understandable naming to buttons
  • Implement function to take picture of a document instantly on a smartphone
  • Give clear feedback which documents the user already has uploaded (including filename)
  • Also provide the possibility to delete uploaded files


  • Apply functionality of signing the contract digitally
  • Give ability to discard signature, if user is not happy with previous attempt

Define Password

The password (PIN) to access online-banking has to meet several requirements, so the user needs some assistance that this step is not ending in a drop-off:

  • prefil field with randomly generated example password
  • give possibility to view password (not only dots •••••••••)
  • give feedback which requirements are already met and which ones are missing

Reduce number of clicks/taps

  • Provide a function to agree to all legal questions at once by checking only one checkbox

Completion screen

  • Express gratitude to the new customer
  • Give clear information about how it is going on

Further improvements

  • Reduce number of steps of onboarding process
    • From 7 to 5 for consumer loans
    • From 6 to 4 for current accounts
  • Shorten and declutter headlines, wording, info-buttons and asterisks
  • Remove redundances
  • Reorganize steps and including fields
  • Move difficult questions to the last few steps
  • Optimize interface for better overview and percepition by adapting layout and fonts

General improvements

  • Pagespeed optimization
  • SEO


  • Less caller volume in the callcenter
  • Sustained uplift of conversions

More actions for ING Austria apart from optimizing onboarding-processes

  • Redesigning of the online banking ads for Giro
  • Improvements on product pages (UX, conversion, pagespeed, mobile, SEO)
  • Redesigning of the startpage
  • Cooperation on creating new design style guides
  • Programing HTML5 display ads