A1 Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm

A1 Fan App

Project description

UX Design

Due to COVID-19 the 81st Hahnenkamm-Race in Kitzbühel had to take place for the first time in history without any onsite audience.

Nevertheless to give the audience at home in front of their TV-screens the possibility to cheer on their favourite athletes, the idea for this web-app was developed together with WWP-Group.

For development and hosting a cooperation with WH-Interactive was established.

In Detail

The web-app can be accessed without any registration and download from modern browsers either on smartphones or on computers. The users have the possibility to send their applause in four different ways: Clap hands, ring bell, blow horn, cheer.

The live-generated applause-signal is visualized on the „A1 5Gigameter“ in the finish-area and made audible in the audio-signal on TV.


  • Instant access
    • No registration
    • No download
    • Smartphone or computer
  • Intuitive and non distracting design
  • Include online competition for even higher participation

© A1

A1 5Gigameter

  • The A1 5Gigameter in the finish area shows how intensely every runner was cheered on
  • This is an essential installation for the TV-cameras to be caught when each athlete finishes his run
  • Contrast-rich design for daylight outdoor display wall
Testing app and wall onsite. Photo © Max Brinnich


  • The live-generated applause-signal is also made audible in the audio-signal on TV
  • Data-stream is sent to the ORF broadcast van, where it is mixed into the live audio-signal

Development of the audio-application by Oliver Maklott using SuperCollider.


Media Video

To showcase the web-app A1 has published this video, which presents the web-app perfectly in less than one and a half minutes.

© A1